Seamless product integration

Increase product ROI through cost effective energy Optimization solutions

Enjoy higher product margins & a larger market share

Integrating our Optimizing technology into your product gives you the competitive advantage you've been looking for. We provide our technology primarily to system integrators for installation as part of a turn-key system that provides end users with a complete solution for managing their energy consumption. We provide top end hardware backed by industry-leading software to help you leverage your products, providing a strong foundation on which to build end-use applications.

Smaller, lighter & more compact, our Optimizing technology fits virtually any existing product design

Bringing products to market

We bring our products to market with best-in-class partners who distribute under their label and integrate our innovative products into higher value systems. Before agreeing to integrate our products into a system, each system integrator will engage in a rigorous process of testing and evaluating our equipment for their specific use. This typically takes a minimum of three months and can take up to a year.

Cost effective product production

Our products are made by contract manufacturers to our specifications, enabling us to scale production to meet demand on a cost-effective basis without requiring significant expenditures on manufacturing facilities and equipment.

Global applications? Not a problem

For certain geographic markets and applications, we seek to enter into licensing agreements that enable licensees to build our products for sale in local markets. We also license product designs to global brands for specific applications.

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