Nexus Solar Charge Optimizer

Optimized solar power conversion solutions
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Optimizing solar electricity generation, consumption, exchange & battery storage
The Nexus Solar Charge Optimizer captures, stores, and improves the use of solar energy by maximizing the energy harvested from solar panels, increasing their conversion efficiency and improving their performance by up to 30% while maximizing charge acceptance and extending the life of batteries up to four times their normal life-cycle.

Incredibly small and light, our technology provides built-in isolation, is free of electrolytic  capacitors and is built to last the life of the panel. Our revolutionary solar power conversion solution is simple to install, use, and offers real time monitoring of energy usage and battery status. With our patent pending inductor-less variable power management technology, solar energy can be coupled with advanced battery storage to power businesses, communities, vehicles, telecommunications and more, all without access to a traditional power grid.
Solar, Optimized.

Extend battery life up to 4x

Our Nexus Optimizer extends the lifespan of batteries up to four times their normal life-cycle. Rather than flooding batteries with energy overload, our Optimizing technology reconfigures energy into smaller packets, distributing only necessary voltage to prevent over and undercharging of batteries to maintain optimal battery health.

Optimize solar panel efficiency up to 30%

The Nexus Optimizer improves the conversion efficiency of solar energy by maximizing the energy harvested from solar panels and improving their performance by more than 30%. Our technology monitors and equalizes the energy absorbed by individual solar cells to sustain power delivery at full capacity, including during cloudy conditions and peak demand periods.

Improve reliability of solar energy delivery system

Our core technology smooths out fluctuations in renewable energy and realigns energy consumption. Energy is drawn from the greatest pockets of energy, while the remainder of unused energy is reserved.  If the solar panel is damaged, the bank isn’t charging or the panel is underperforming, our Smart Solar Management Software will notify the user and make suggestions to remedy the problem in real-time. This provides a reliable and more efficient energy delivery system from the solar grid to the end user.

Recharge your battery to full capacity and up to 25% faster

Our proprietary technology monitors battery voltage, current flow and battery temperature, drawing energy from solar panels to batteries as quickly as the batteries will allow, resulting in faster charging speeds throughout the entire charge process, reducing time spent plugged in to the grid, and supporting 100% recharge capacity.

Monitor system performance in real time

The Nexus Optimizer comes with our Smart Solar Management Software, offering real time and cumulative monitoring and management of solar infrastructure, energy usage and battery status information, providing peace of mind that solar products operate at peak efficiency. Our intelligent software gives individual systems immediate and valuable information on system performance and energy savings, all delivered in a sophisticated, user friendly bluetooth data stream to mobile devices.

Customized system management software

Our Smart Solar System Management software ensures a positive ROI on solar investments by tracking usage patterns and collecting user data. With daily, weekly, monthly or even real-time data, our software provides automatic recording of energy gains and consumption without having to piece together charging data. Our software helps to improve the efficiency of solar infrastructure by quickly identifying locations where the system is expending the most energy. The software will also notify maintenance crews which panels need to be cleaned to retain the highest output levels. Our management software is ideal for large-scale and fleet management applications.

Seamless integration into your solar product

Our optimizer is small, compact and lightweight. Because the electronics are consolidated in a lighter design, it's easy to customize our technology to fit into virtually any solar product without changing the product design.

Scalable & Flexible

Enervolt’s Optimizing technology is scalable, from small scale technology to grid tie application for commercial energy storage and power generation. The Nexus Optimizer uses standard industry components and is battery agnostic and software driven, enabling rapid development cycles for new products and applications. Our products are made by contract manufacturers to our specifications, enabling us to scale production to meet demand on a cost effective basis without requiring significant expenditures on manufacturing facilities and equipment.
extends battery life
Optimize the amount of electricity from power source to your batteries, eliminating over and under charging.
improveD charge acceptance
Optimize the amount of electricity from power source to your batteries, eliminating over and under charging.
increaseD driving range
Optimize the amount of electricity from power source to your batteries, eliminating over and under charging.
Optimized Solutions
Be more competitive in the consumer marketplace. Achieve higher product margins and acquire a greater market share by providing our products to your customers. We’re looking to partner with businesses offering products with solar panels or looking to modify their current product to solar.
Licensing Options
If your product runs on solar energy, we can help you maximize productivity and product lifespan. Our industry leading energy solutions are guaranteed to increase your efficiency by up to 30%. Contact us if you are looking for a partner to help you disrupt your industry while increasing product margin & market share.
Custom Solutions
Offering energy consulting, system analysis and complete solar system customization, our team of engineers, designers and software developers provide solar solutions custom tailored to help your business go solar or optimize your product's current solar setup.