Flexfit Solar Panel System

Portable Optimized solar panels to power your next adventure

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Giving you the flexibility to explore with confidence
Enervolt’s Optimized Flexfit solar panels are lightweight, portable, and flexible, featuring the highest-efficiency solar cells available. Built with Enervolt’s proprietary charge Optimizing technology integrated into each panel, our Flexfit extends range by 35% and enhances the performance and efficiency of the solar harvest by more than 30%, while improving charge acceptance, increasing re-charge speeds, supporting 100% re-charge capacity and extending the lifespan of batteries up to four times their normal life-cycle. Coupled with our Smart Solar Monitoring and Management Software, our Flexfit system offers real time and cumulative tracking and monitoring of solar infrastructure, energy usage and battery status.

Constructed with top-grade, light-weight polymer materials, allowing for easy transport, installation and panel flexing up to 30 degrees, our portable Flexfit solar panels can be applied to planes, RVs, cruisers, electric vehicles, boats, tents, backpacks and more. Our Optimized Flexfit solar panels give customers the freedom to go almost anywhere in the world with access to Optimized power.

Enhanced Power & Extended Range

Our Optimizing technology, integrated into each Flexfit panel, improves the conversion efficiency of solar energy by maximizing the energy harvested from panels and improving their performance by more than 30%. Our technology monitors and equalizes the energy absorbed by individual solar cells to sustain power delivery at full capacity, including during cloudy conditions and peak demand periods.  Made with highly efficient back contact solar cells giving the system the lead in power per square inch, the Flexfit panel provides 35% more range while ensuring maximum power production in all situations.

For golf course fleets, upgrading to a Flexfit panel roof eliminates the need to purchase additional golf carts to handle multiple rounds played, while continuously tracking real-time usage patterns and collecting user data.

Extend battery life up to 4x & maximize charge acceptance

Our Flexfit solar system maintains the health of the battery bank by improving charge acceptance and energy reconfiguration to extend the lifespan of batteries up to four times their normal life-cycle. Rather than flooding batteries with energy overload, our built-in Optimizing technology reconfigures energy into smaller packets, distributing only necessary voltage to prevent over and undercharging of batteries and maintaining optimal battery health. Our proprietary technology monitors battery voltage, current flow and battery temperature, drawing energy from solar panels to batteries as quickly as the batteries will allow, resulting in faster charging speeds throughout the entire charge process, reducing time spent plugged in to the grid, and supporting 100% recharge capacity.

Easy to install, maintain & use anywhere

Our Flexfit panels fit virtually anywhere, with 30 degrees of flexibility, making them ideal for boats, RVs, planes and electric vehicles. The Flexfit panels can be installed with adhesives and/or use of stainless steel grommets in the panel.  No special tools or knowledge are required making installation as simple as plug & play. Each Flexfit panel has standard quick- connect cables and an easy-to-follow installation guide is provided with each system. Using laminate instead of glass and aluminum, our Flexfit panels are extremely light and portable, unlike traditional solar panels that are bulky and heavy. Laminate panels can also be bent, which makes them more durable and less likely to break when on surfaces such as RVs or boats.

Real time system monitoring and cumulative data management

Our Flexfit panels include our Smart Solar Management software, offering real time and cumulative monitoring and management of solar infrastructure, energy usage and battery status information. Our intelligent software gives individual systems immediate and valuable information on system performance and energy savings, all delivered in a sophisticated, user friendly bluetooth data stream to mobile devices.

For fleet management, ensure a positive ROI on solar investments by tracking usage patterns and collecting user data. With daily, weekly, monthly or even real-time data, automatically record energy gains and consumption without having to piece together charging data. Quickly identify locations where the system is expending the most energy to improve solar infrastructure.

Made with high quality, weather resistant & durable materials

Our Flexfit panels are constructed with top-grade, light-weight polymer materials, allowing for easy transport, installation and panel flexing up to 30 degrees. Our Flexfit solar cells are durable, built on a solid copper foundation, resistant to power loss via cracking and corrosion, unlike conventional cells, which are much more likely to lose power when bent or subjected to a moist environment. An ideal solution for marine environments, featuring a durable cell design, industry-leading performance, and no saltwater warranty exclusions.

Save money & invest in a sustainable future

The global trend toward promoting sustainable energy has resulted in several government sponsored tax credits and/or rebates in countries worldwide. For Americans, a new US Solar bill extends the current 30% Solar Investment Tax Credit for both residential and commercial projects through the end of 2019. Additional Federal tax credits, grants, state and local utility tax credits, rebates and tariff programs for solar conversion make it simple to save money while going green.
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