Custom Solar Solutions

Optimizing the planet, one product at a time

One size has never fit all

Offering consulting, analysis and customization, our team of engineers, designers and software developers provide solar solutions custom tailored to help your business go solar or optimize your current solar setup.

We help define, design & deliver your product

Our engineers and design team work with you to ensure seamless integration and great looks.

Using the best solar panels on the market

Leveraging direct relationships with the top solar panel manufacturers, we advise you on the best solar panels for your project, often featuring wholesale pricing.

Optimizing & extending battery life up to 4x

Every panel created for your system will come integrated with our Nexus Optimizer so you can rest assured that you're getting hardware guaranteed to increase efficiency and reliability of your solar panels, increasing your battery charge acceptance and extending battery life up to four times the normal life-cycle.

Monitor your system data in real-time

Every custom solar system features a sophisticated, user friendly data stream to mobile devices to track both individual and fleet systems. Our intelligent software gives you real time and cumulative information on your battery and solar system, monitors power moved from source to load, providing peace of mind that your product is operating at peak efficiency.

Custom system interfaces available

Our software engineers and design team will work with you to create a custom user interface to provide your consumers with an effective and attractive interface loaded with premium features.

System management tracking & monitoring

Ensure a positive ROI on your solar investment tracking usage patterns and collecting user data. With daily, weekly, monthly or even real-time data, automatically record energy gains and consumption without having to piece together charging data. You’re also able to quickly identify locations where your system is expending the most energy to improve your solar infrastructure. Ideal for large-scale and fleet management applications.
Bring your Optimized solar vision to life